Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Best Wishes For A Happy & Healthy New Year

 It’s now been 16 months since our 14 year old rescue dog Legend has been fighting liver cancer. As if on cue, he put his paw on my leg when we went to take the picture this morning. He walked down a steep hill to get to the beach. He is a true cancer warrior. We are incredibly grateful that he is here celebrating the New Year with us.

Legend was first diagnosed with liver cancer in September 2021. He had such subtle symptoms, mainly a decline in appetite and he didn't sleep on his back anymore. It got worse and worse and then we got the news that he had a large mass in his belly. The next day we did the surgery and by a miracle our Legend survived. Liver cancer in dogs is often hard to diagnose due to the subtle nature of early symptoms. Primary liver tumors, originating within the liver, and metastatic tumors, spreading from other parts of the body, both contribute to canine liver cancer. Liver cancer is a slower growing tumor which has given us more time with him. Still it is heartbreaking to see him declining and we love him so much.

Thank you for all the love and support you have shown us during this very challenging journey. We send you our very best wishes for a Happy & Healthy New Year.