Wednesday, January 4, 2023

How To Protect Your Pet From Giardia

While giardia is more common in dogs, cats can get it too. Unfortunately, giardia can be hard to get rid of, especially in multi-pet households. Giardia can be transmitted by eating, drinking or sniffing the cysts that have been shed from infected animals. It can be very challenging to completely remove the parasite from your pets and their environment. Here are 6 hygiene tips to try to prevent giardia from coming back:

1) Wash your pet and your pet's bedding several times during the first 2 weeks of the treatment period.

2) Use a baby wipe or wet paper towel and gloves to wipe your pet's rear-end after defecation

3) Try to keep your infected pet separated from other pets during treatment. You may want to ask your veterinarian about proactively treating other pets although the medications can be harsh.

4)Be sure your infected pet only urinates and defecates in an isolated area (no grass is best) away from where other pets may go.
ALWAYS wear gloves when picking up stool infested with giardia or parasites/worms and then throw the baggie into another baggie with a tie on top. Immediately pick up the stool if possible. Giardia can set into the ground, concrete etc.

5) After you clean up the area, please use bleach or a cleaning product containing bleach.

6) Wipe your shoes after walking on the infected area.