Friday, June 24, 2022

Where To Find Supplements For Dogs With Lyme Disease

Did you find a tick on your dog? We hear so much about the dangers of a tick bite in dogs, but thankfully only a small fraction of ticks actually carry the borrelia bacteria that causes Lyme disease.

Many dogs with Lyme disease do not show any symptoms. However, symptoms may include joint pain, inflammation, fever and lethargy. Canine Lyme disease treatment will include antibiotics from your veterinarian. Using natural supplements in conjunction with treatment from your vet can help to manage the uncomfortable symptoms of Lyme disease.

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health tested the effectiveness of plant-based extracts in the treatment of Lyme Disease. Japanese knotweed was one of the top two most effective in killing off Lyme bacteria. Ask Ariel's Resveratrol For Dogs is made with Trans-Resveratrol from Japanese Knotweed, an antioxidant with anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective properties. Resveratrol for Dogs can increase circulation, especially to the heart and joints, making Lyme Disease treatment more effective as blood flows into areas where the bacteria can hide. Ask Ariel’s Resveratrol can help alleviate the systemic, chronic inflammation associated with Lyme disease in dogs. To learn more about holistic treatments for Lyme disease please click here.
Wednesday, June 22, 2022

How To Help Your Dog's Cushing's Disease

 Ask Ariel’s holistic approach to treating Canine Cushing's Disease is a comprehensive. Along with diet changes, it’s important to use 3 types of supplements to properly affect hormone levels and support your dog’s overall wellness. Here is a summary:

1. Phosphatidylserine - AskAriel’s Canine Cushing's Support helps reduce cortisol levels.

2. Liver support supplements. Chronically increased cortisol can lead to elevated liver enzymes or liver disease. Ask Ariel's K9 Liver Support Kit can help to reduce elevated liver enzymes

3. Lignans & Melatonin - Melatonin and lignans inhibit enzymes that are used in cortisol production. Research studies conducted at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville (UTK) concluded that melatonin can help reduce excessive cortisol levels. Lignans have also been studied for their role in blocking enzymes needed for cortisol production.

Many dogs with Cushing's disease have mild symptoms which can be successfully managed without medication. To learn more please click here
Monday, June 20, 2022

Keep Your Pet Safe

We all know that we are supposed to wash our hands after petting a cat or dog or touching their food—especially raw food. But did you know it is also important to make sure your hands are clean before you pet? Cats and dogs absorb toxins through their skin.  Anything that may be on your hands (such as lotion, cleaning supplies, chemicals, hormones, pain relievers, sunscreen, etc.) can pose a threat to your pet's health. Pets may be drawn to the smell and will try to lick it from your hands or wash it off their fur and skin. While we want to snuggle our pets, just remember that we don’t want our medications and human products to harm them.

Friday, June 17, 2022

New Cancer Detection Innovations

Are you worried about your dog getting cancer? Of course you are. Do you have an older dog or a breed that has a higher incidence of cancer?

Routine lab tests often don’t detect cancer. In fact, pets can have perfect lab testing and still be dying of cancer because a tumor is growing inside of them. PetDx has developed OncoK9 which is a state-of-the-art early detection blood test that can detect 30 different types of cancer, including the 8 most common types of canine cancer such as lymphoma and mast cell tumors.
How does this test differ from a simple blood test? It uses technology that detects DNA from circulating cancer cells. When pets have a tumor, they emit circulating tumor cells that are currently not detected on a regular blood test.
While we were skeptical at first, we decided to do this test for Legend. He had liver cancer last year and we didn’t want to have to shave his tummy and do another ultrasound which can involve anesthesia. Apparently the OncoK9 test can be especially accurate if the pet has a history of cancer because the cells it detects only occur if there is a tumor present. We were ecstatic when Legend’s test came back negative.
At Ask Ariel we know how important it is to proactively manage your pet’s health care. As many of us have experienced, cancer usually isn’t detected until the pet’s cancer is at an advanced stage. Please talk to your vet about this test. As scary as it is to wait for the results, early detection can save lives.
Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Could Your Cat Have Tooth Resorption?

Feline tooth resorption is when the enamel starts to break down along the gum line. Eventually, the entire tooth will be destroyed. Tooth resorption is linked to periodontal disease. Cats with tooth resorption often have stomatitis as well.

Remember that the mouth is the first part of the digestive process. Oral disease is usually accompanied by digestive issues which cat owners may or may not be aware of.
Having a healthy mouth starts with eating a healthy diet and maintaining a normal balance of flora. Bacteria in the mouth can build up when the pet’s immune system is weakened due to poor digestion.
Cats are natural carnivores and yet most diets for cats are made for convenience with too many carbohydrates like legumes and grains. Consider incorporating at least some raw frozen food (e.g Instinct, Small Batch, Vital Essentials, Stella & Chewy’s, Primal, etc) into your cat’s diet. Raw diets are low in carbohydrates and rich in real, fresh nutrients.
Also, support your kitty's mouth and immune health with the best probiotic for cats. Power Probiotic is a hardy, multi-strain probiotic supplement that replenishes the good “friendly” bacteria your kitty needs for a healthy mouth and gums. Please click here to learn more
Sunday, June 12, 2022

How To Keep Your Dog Hydrated Over The Summer

Some parts of the country are experiencing record heat. Did you know that dogs can get dehydrated and heat stroke which can jeapordize their health? During the summer months, it's very important to keep your dog hydrated.  Dogs use panting along with their paw pads and noses to regulate their temperature. The summer heat can make a dog extra thirsty. Too much sun without enough water can cause dehydration and can become dangerous for your pup very quickly. 

Make sure that you leave multiple water bowls outside for your dog. There are so many sad stories of dogs literally dying  on an extremely hot day because their water bowl was accidently knocked over.  Select a water bowl that cannot be easily overturned.  Keep water bowls in the shade to encourage your dog to cool off. 

Other ways to keep your dog cool and hydrated include:
  • Add ice cubes to water bowls
  • Freeze a Kong toy overnight
  • Add water to food especially dry kibble 
  • Set up a fan for your dog
  • Allow access inside the house or garage 

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Danger- Be Careful With Choke Collars

Choke chains are used as a training tool to teach dogs not to pull on the leash. But they can be very dangerous especially if they are left on a dog unattended. Sadly dogs can die from choke collars as they can get caught on fencing, inside a car or anything that is sticking out. A dog's natural instinct is to jerk away when they are caught and it’s just too easy for the chain to get tangled up. Some dogs can even pass out from the constriction on their air flow. Big strong dogs can be a huge challenge to train but please consider a no-pull training harness instead. If you do use a choke collar, never leave it on a dog unattended.