Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Supplements Help Adorable Dog With Acid Stomach

Odis was adopted at 2 years old. His mom, Tiffany, noticed he was having digestive problems. Here's what she had to say: "This is Odis. We adopted him when he was two and shortly after discovered he had some digestive issues.  At one point the vet had put him on famotidine and didn't really have a plan on when to take him off. He was still struggling with acid reflux flare-ups. I had read a review someone had left on a website about Ask Ariel as their dog was having the same symptoms. I contacted customer service and they were so helpful with suggestions on what to do. The nutritionist recommended a diet change and supplements (Power Probiotic, Gastro ULC, K9 Digestive Enzymes) and it has changed our world. He loves eating his food now and doesn't mind having the supplements mixed in his food. He's so much calmer and hasn't had to take any famotidine in a month since we started! So grateful for the care that was shown to both my dog and myself!" Tiffany- PA.