Friday, May 27, 2022

Keeping Your Pet Happy On Your Road Trip

Embarking on a road trip with your pup opens up a world of bonding experiences and shared adventures. Consider planning pet-friendly stops along the way, ensuring your dog gets ample breaks and exercise. Research dog-friendly parks, rest areas, or outdoor spaces where your pet can stretch their legs, play, and take in the new surroundings. Remember to pack essentials like water, food, and any necessary medications for your pet's well-being. Additionally, incorporating short play sessions during breaks can help alleviate any restlessness and keep your dog engaged and happy throughout the journey. 

Many pets love going on new adventures but some can get stressed. Bringing familiar items along like beds, toys and crates are always helpful. If your pet gets anxious when going in the car, start with short trips. Build up to longer rides to give your pet time to adjust. Also, be sure to take along Happy Paws Drops, professional veterinary strength hemp extract. Happy Paws Drops are a great travel partner to keep your pet happy and calm.  Happy Paws contain 550 mg of organic CBD Oil with hemp extract that is carefully cultivated in Colorado.  Keeping CBD Oil for dogs when traveling can help them adjust and feel happy.  Road trips with your dog can create lasting memories, strengthening the unique bond you share as you explore new places together.