Wednesday, May 25, 2022

What helped Topaz's Stomatitis

Topaz started to have problems eating so his mom, Linda, took him to the vet. He was diagnosed with stomatitis. Here's what Topaz told us, "My name is Topaz. At the end of last year I got feeling so bad I couldn't eat - my mouth felt like it was on fire! My family was so worried about me and they took me to the vet. I was diagnosed with stomatitis. It was recommended I had all my teeth removed!!! That would have been devastating! The quote was over $2500. My "mom" is an Integrative Health Therapist - she knew nature had a much better way and searched all over the Internet. Wow, I'm so glad she found!!!!! They helped save my gums - just by putting a few Silver sprays, Quent & NOT drops, with a little organic olive oil on my grain-free food that I relish. My food still tastes good, and my appetite is super :) My last Vet check went great - no more stomatitis, though they still need to treat my gums. And I need to be more active in my senior years. The Vet was shown a picture of what saved my gums. We totally want to keep this working, so we're sticking with the kind, encouraging experts at" Linda, Ca.