Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Pets Have Anxiety Especially Around The Holidays! Here's How You Can Help Them


Did you know? Dogs and cats can experience holiday anxiety just like people do? Cats and dogs are creatures of habit. Some pets may just naturally be more skittish, while others may have difficulty with changes to their routine that often occurs during the holiday season. Simple changes in your work schedule or bringing a guest to the house can affect some sensitive pets. Some breeds may be more genetically inclined to need a companion and have difficulty being alone. Rescued animals may have endured hardships before they came into our lives and may have developed fearful behaviors as a result. Regardless of the reason, anxiety and stress can affect your pet’s health, so it’s important to do all you can to help them feel safe and comfortable.  Ask Ariel offers several calming supplements for dogs and cats with anxiety.   (PSY-Stabil) along with Happy Paws Drops and a consistent routine (e.g. regular feeding and exercise times) can greatly improve your pet’s quality of life and keep them calm during the holidays.