Friday, December 17, 2021

Supplements Help Silver Persian Cat With Kidney Disease

"Meet Sophie a 4 lb ball of awesomeness. Sophie is a 7 yr old Silver Persian cat with kidney disease. She seemed to be doing fine, living her best life with a don’t care attitude until one night she had a series of seizures, needless to say we were quite scared watching this happen. We got her in the vet first thing in the morning and she was diagnosed with late stage 3 early stage 4 kidney disease, we were devastated. We took her in for a second opinion, same diagnosis. Now it was time to understand what this meant to our family and how to help Soph with her quality of life. That is when I found Ask Ariel, while not a silver bullet it was a homeopathic approach to help our girl out. It was exactly what we needed, we started using the RenelixKidney HealthOmega 3 and Power Probiotic products along with a transition to a 100% wet food diet and within 2 weeks we had our “OLD” Sophie back, that is when we realized that we did not truly understand how long she had been fighting this problem. At her 6 week follow-up she seemed to have settled into a late stage 2 to early stage 3 level of kidney disease, while Kidney Disease is not curable, I really believe that these products are help our girl get back to living her best life. 3 months later she is maintaining weight, has a very healthy appetite, tons energy, sparkling blue eyes and most of all back to being her awesome self."