Thursday, November 4, 2021

What Is The Difference Between IV vs. SubQ Fluid Therapy For Pets?

Many pet owners what the difference is between IV fluid therapy vs subcutaneous fluid therapy (subq therapy).  Fluid therapy helps because when pets have kidney disease, their kidneys are not able to flush out toxins as efficiently as they did before.  Veterinarians often recommend fluid therapy to keep the pet hydrated and help the kidneys flush out toxins.  This can be done through IV fluids or subcutaneous fluids (under the skin).

At your veterinarian's office, IV Fluids are administered by injecting the fluid directly into your pet's vein.  IV fluid therapy can bring fast relief and help pets feel better quickly.  IV fluid therapy can be  stressful for pets and expensive.  Thus, an alternative is to do subcutaneous fluid therapy at home.  

While that might sound scary, many pet owners (even those afraid of needles) can be easily trained by their veterinarian's office.  It might be a little awkard at first, but most pets, even skittish cats, will relax if you are relaxed as well.   Pets generally feel much better after fluid therapy and will often eat and play once they have been hydrated.   To learn more about the pros and cons of IV fluid therapy vs Subcutaneous fluid therapy for your dog or cat's kidney disease, please click here