Thursday, May 10, 2018

Silver Immune Remedy Is Helpful for Cats With Herpes Outbreak and Sore Throat

courtesy of @PeculiarPanther
"Mom gave me this Silver Immune Support spray when my meow was weird. I didn’t even notice it because it has no taste, and my meow was back to normal in a few days. Mom also gives this to Marshmellow when she’s having a herpes outbreak, and it seems to help a lot. It’s pretty great stuff!"

Marten (and Mom Erin)


Silver Immune Support Formula is an all-natural, easy to use, natural home remedy to help your pet recover from a bacterial infection or viral flareup. Key benefits of this natural supplement that is so helpful for cats with sore throats, viruses such as feline herpes and FIV:
Broad spectrum antimicrobial (especially anti-bacterial) Anti-inflammatory effect due to reducing the viral, bacteria or fungal infection Non-toxic Immune system support Can be used along with antibiotics Very well tolerated by even tiny pets Does not kill off friendly bacteria (as antibiotics do) Disrupts viral replication

Silver Immune works well with QuentaSAN and NotaSAN drops and can be purchased by itself or in our Immune Support Kit packaged at a discount price.