Monday, May 7, 2018

How To Reduce Tartar on Your Pet's Teeth

Does your pet quickly build up tartar on his teeth?  While brushing and regular dental visits are essential, there is a lot you can do to reduce tartar build-up on your dog or cat's teeth. Tartar is the accumulation of plaque that has remained on and between the teeth. While age, health, breed and hygiene are factors, diet and poor digestion play a central role in your pet's tartar control and dental health. 

If the plaque is not removed, it may start to combine with the saliva and begin to mineralize, into tartar, in just 3-5 days. If left untreated the tartar can cause the gums to become inflamed and red, pockets may form between the gums and the teeth and it can allow bacteria to grow, which could lead to tooth loss, bone loss and widespread infection. 

The accumulation of tartar is a warning sign.  If your pet seems fine but is accumulating a lot of tartar quickly, there may be underlying digestive symptoms that need to be addressed.

It is important to treat and control tartar accumulation for three very important reasons:

to maintain the health of teeth and gums
to guard against infection spreading to other parts of the body

rapid buildup or problem teeth are often a sign of poor digestion

A common myth that simply giving pets hard, crunchy food to prevent dental problems has not proved true in veterinary research. It is the quality of ingredients and your pet’s ability to digest them that will reduce tartar and tooth decay. Saliva is a core part of tartar accumulation and acidic saliva (due to digestive upset and acid stomach) can result in acid erosion of the teeth. When you improve your pet’s diet and digestion, their teeth and gums will improve too. Be sure to ask about anesthesia free dental cleanings in your area and if possible brush your pet’s teeth.

Feeding fresh, easily digestible pet food ingredients will promote healthy teeth and gums.   Ensuring your pet is digesting food properly is key.  Signs of poor digestion include gas, bad breath, hunching over after meals, loose stool, licking or smacking of the lips, vomiting and eating excessive amounts of grass. 

Natural supplements that help to improve your pet's digestion can also reduce the tartar on your pet's teeth.  Since the mouth is the beginning of the digestive process, these supplements help to maintain a healthy digestive process.  Good digestion results in saliva with the proper pH which can greatly impact your pet's teeth and gums. 

Power Probiotic - The best probiotic for pets!  Backed by scientific research, this powerful, multi-strain formula promotes the growth of  good, friendly bacteria which boosts your pet's immune system.  Pure and natural, Power Probiotic does not contain any fillers.  Supports a healthy mouth, digestive system and immune system.

Gastro ULC   When pets have acid reflux it can stomach acids to back up into the esophagus and mouth.  This can lead to erosion of the teeth and other periodontal problems.  Pets with acid reflux tend to have bad breath as well. Gastro ULC  relieves acid stomach pain and repairs inflamed tissues. 

K9 Digestive Enzymes- This powerful digestive enzyme is more complex than typical pet enzymes because it contains 2 ingredients essential (Ox bile extract and HCL) for the digestion of fats and protein..  When food is poorly digested, it creates gas and pain and this product seems to really make a difference.  K9 Digestive Enzymes is very helpful for reducing tartar related to poor digestion.

Colostrum for Pets-  Colostrum has been shown in research studies to enhance digestion and improve the immune system.  Colostrum is very helpful for pets with bad breath, gingivitis and stomatitis.  Ask Ariel Colostrum For Pets contains tegricel colostrum which is backed by scientific research and proven to be more effective than general colostrum products.  Note: Colostrum is derived from dairy and should not be used by pets with a known dairy allergy.

Lypozyme -(cats and small dogs) a gentle, tasteless, easy to use enzyme formula that helps pets digest protein and fats.  The small amount of powder in the capsule (which can be easily opened and mixed into food) makes this product especially easy to administer to small pets and finicky eaters.

"Our senior husky Legend was starting to get a lot of tartar on his teeth.  Even though we would go for regular anesthesia-free cleanings and fed him a raw food diet, he still had tartar accumulation.  We noticed that sometimes at night Legend would be panting a little and realized he might have some indigestion.  We added K9 Digestive Enzymes and Gastro ULC to his food and on the next checkup, he had a lot less tartar and his tummy noises went away.  After awhile he seemed fine so we discontinued the supplements.  When we went for a teeth cleaning, we were told his tartar accumulation had gotten really bad!  Since then we have always used K9 Digestive Enzymes and Gastro ULC at both breakfast and dinner and his teeth have really improved"  Davis Family, CA.