Thursday, May 17, 2018

Natural Remedies Help Pomeranian With Collapsed Trachea

“This is Buster, adopted from my local shelter 6 years ago. He has a collapsing trachea, so I’ve been giving him Ultra FlexCollagen, Soothing Digestive Relief, Gastro-ULC and Power Probiotic for about the last 6 months. He has had great relief from his symptoms and the vet said his breathing sounds better than it did 6 months ago! His intermittent diarrhea is no longer a problem either. I’ve started giving the Probiotic and Digestive Relief to my other dog who tends to have digestion problems. I’m very pleased with how well these products are supporting Buster’s health”  Marti S- Cheyenne, WY

Does your dog have collapsed trachea? To learn more about how holistic treatments and natural remedies can help with the symptoms of collapsed trachea such as coughing and difficulty breathing, please click here