Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Caffeine And Other Food Toxins Are Harmful To Pets

Many common foods that people eat are toxic to pets. The degree to which a food can be fatal depends upon the size, health and age of the animal and the amount ingested by the pet. Most pet owners are aware that chocolate and grapes are toxins but may not realize that there are other ingredients such as caffeine that can be harmful to pets. Caffeine is found in chocolate but also in many drinks, energy bars, candies and of course coffee drinks. While we may safely consume coffee, a few sips of your latte to an elderly small pet could have dangerous consequences. Caffeine affects the nervous system and heart in pets and can cause tremors, elevated heart rate, difficulty breathing and worse. In a busy household, pets can get into all kinds of things so be sure to keep coffee grounds packed safely in a closed trash can (some dogs are attracted to them) and potential food toxins off the counter. If your pet does ingest any of these harmful food toxins, please contact your veterinarian right away.