Wednesday, November 15, 2017

5 Tips To Ease Your Pet's Holiday Stress

The holiday season is here and with it comes a whirlwind of activities. Your plans may include hosting parties and family gatherings or traveling across the miles to see family and friends. As you enjoy the season’s activities,  it is easy to let routines slip. Unbeknownst to you, this change of routine might be causing your pet to experience stress and anxiety. Pets are creatures of habit and notice far more than you think!  This is often why pet owners end up spending some holiday time at the emergency veterinary hospital.  You might notice that your pet displays nervous hyperactivity, excessive chewing, irritability, accidents in the house or  physical symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting.   By anticipating the stress that can come with the holidays, you can plan ahead, keep your pet's routine as normal as possible and hopefully avoid any mishaps.  

You can help ease your pet’s stress during the holidays with these 5 simple tips:

Stick to your routine - Try to maintain your pet's normal routine as much as possible.  Our pets are creatures of habit and they may become anxious if there is a sudden change in their feeding schedule, exercise routine, bedtime or place to sleep (ex:  when Aunt Bessie takes over the guest room where you dog likes to sleep).

Make sure to maintain your regular exercise schedule - Exercise can help release energy and reduce anxiety. It will also release endorphins to help with restlessness and irritability.  Using Psystabil can help too. It is a natural calming formula that can help your pet “cope” better with triggers that cause anxiety.

Give your pet plenty of attention - We all get busy during the holiday season, but remembering to give your pet extra attention can go a long way to helping your pet feel calm and safe.

Provide a safe space - Regardless if you are traveling or having guests in your home, it important for your pet to have a safe place. Try to plan and determine the best location especially if your pet is used to relaxing in an area where guests will now be residing. 

Plan Ahead With Treats And Don't Change Their Diet - While it is tempting to give your pet a “treat” during the holidays, it can also cause a lot of unwanted problems and result in an emergency veterinary visit.  Be careful about where desserts and goodies are stored.  Keep trash tightly closed.  It's so easy for pets to get into things when you are busy entertaining guests.   Plan ahead with treats so that you have ample supply of your pet's regular treats on hand.  Keep Soothing Digestive Relief and Power Probiotic  on handThese formulas provide immediate relief for discomfort and help with diarrhea, indigestion, tummy rumbling and soft stool.