Sunday, November 12, 2017

How To Give Supplements To Your Cat

Ask Ariel supplements are made with the highest quality ingredients.  They don't contain artificial flavorings, sugars or fillers.  This ensures that your pet will get the best results and won't have any harmful reactions to the chemicals and fillers used to make a lot of pet supplements.  But, one common question is  if this isn't a flavored paste or tablet, "how can I get my cat to take your supplements?"  Many cats are finicky (some small dogs too) and won't eat anything different that is on their food.  So here is how in 3 easy steps:

Step 1:  Determine how much of each supplement you need to use and combine supplements together.  Open the capsules and pour out the desired amount into a bowl.

Step 2:  Take the back end off your syringe and fill about half way with water, broth or "soupy liquid pet food".  Squirt this into the bowl with the powder.  Mix until the powder is dissolved in the liquid.

Step 3:  Syringe the mixture back up and into your cat's mouth.

Please note these simple instructions apply strictly to Ask Ariel supplements for cats.  Many medications and other vitamins may not be able to be combined.  Please always check with your veterinarian about the correct way to administer medications.