Thursday, November 16, 2017

How to Take the Perfect Holiday Photo of Your Pet

It’s an exciting time of year to go to the mailbox.  Instead of the usually bills and junk mail, there soon will be some lovely holiday cards. Everyone loves to hear from family and friends and it is especially exciting when a picture is included with the card. Since pets are family, it's nice to include our four-legged family members in our holiday cards.  Here are a few tips to getting a great photo of your best pal:
  • Help your pet relax- Before the photo session begins give your pet lots of attention, let them play with a favorite toy or give them a treat. Making sure your pet is relaxed and in a good mood is your first step in getting a great picture.
  • Get their attention- Obviously, for the best shot your pet needs to look at the camera. Try to get their attention by making an interesting sound (a squeaky toy often works well) but resist calling your pet's name or they may come running to you.
  • Keep the props simple- A red bow around their neck, peeking through a wreath, sitting by a Christmas tree or playing in the snow all make great shots.
  • Don’t use a flash- Flash photography and pets are a challenge, often the pet winds up with glaring eyes. Your cat or dog could also become startled and anxious from the flash. Use the manual settings on your camera to adjust lighting or choose to take the photos outside in the natural daylight.
  • Take a selfie with your pet- Joining your pet in the photo will help them relax and create a fun, candid photo. For best results, hold the camera about a foot over your head and aim down, making sure to fill the frame with both you and your pet’s faces.
  • Create the perfect holiday card- After you have “the” shot, make it the best photograph possible by using one the many photo editing applications to fix any imperfection. 
  • As an alternative to taking the photo yourself, many rescues and charities offer Photos With Santa at a reasonable cost.  This gives you a great photo and helps save the life of a needy pet.