Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pet Fooled--Investigative Documentary About What's Really In Pet Food

Do you really know what's in your pet's food? Are the ingredients in there because they are good for your pet or because the pet food industry has "sold" you on what your pet should eat?  Buyer Beware: Good advertising does not equal good ingredients.  In fact some of the best pet foods may be from brands you might not be familiar with because these smaller companies invest in quality ingredients and not in large scale promotions.  Marketing in the pet food industry can be especially deceptive and is made to appeal to you the consumer---making it easy, affordable and convenient for you to keep buying the food--regardless of whether or not it is actually good for your pet.  You might unknowingly be giving your pet treats and food that contains harmful ingredients even though the label might say "all-natural" "precisely balanced" or "nourishing"

Pet Fooled is a new investigative documentary about the the pet food industry. The inspiration for the investigative documentary, Pet Fooled (co-produced by Kohl Harrington and Michael Fossat) came from a passing comment made by Fossat’s groomer suggesting his dog’s itchy skin could be diet-related. The comment lead them on a six year journey of research and production that lead to an eye opening 71 minute film.  The film features everything from heartbreaking stories of pet owners who lost their pets from tainted jerky treats, examples of misleading information from pet food companies and pet industry lobbyist groups, and valuable information from holistic veterinarians. To view the movie, Pet Fooled is now available on most digital platforms (e.g., itunes, netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, Xbox, Amazon, etc.)