Monday, April 10, 2017

What To Do If Your Dog Lies Down While You Are Out On A Walk

You are walking along and your dog decides he has had enough and lies down and won’t move. What to do? If it is a sudden onset, see if you observe anything new with your pet's gait, limping, holding up a paw, panting excessively, abnormal breathing?   Do what you can to slowly bring your pet home and contact your vet right away.  if your pet is too sick to go back home, see if you can get emergency help from a neighbor or passerby.    A sudden onset of a pet not wanting to walk can be a sign of an injury or your pet not feeling well, especially in an older pet.   The most common veterinary problems that can lead to this behavior are knee problems, torn ligaments, excessive fatigue (or heat), heart issues and arthritis (especially in older dogs).  

Your veterinarian will examine your dog, take XRAYS and make a diagnoses.  Many times it could just be a sign that your dog has arthritis, a temporary injury or hip dysplasia.  But, it can be something more serious such as a disc injury or even cancer which will require further testing.   Sometimes medications are needed initially to relieve your pet's discomfort.  However, if it is due to arthritis, soft-tissue injury, then ArthroStride can reduce inflammation and help your pet get moving again.  

On occasion, some dogs may not want to go on a walk for behavioral reasons.  This can occur if the dog is carried most of the time, is afraid of something or had a negative experience on a walk (a dog bit or attacked them).  You can try coaxing your dog by taking them to a new environment to walk, using treats and building up their confidence over time.  Professional trainers are also helpful in this situation and can provide many tips as well.