Saturday, April 15, 2017

Special Needs Dog With MegaEsophagus Is a Happy Dog!

Meet Wrangler!  He is feeling so happy all dressed up for Easter. Wrangler is a special needs dog rescued by the wonderful Leashes of Love Rescue, Inc. who saved him even though he has a life threatening condition. His awesome Mommy Gina Gina Gould gives him 24 hour care so that he can live a happy life with lots of love! Wrangler has a feeding tube in his tummy because if he aspirates the food he could suffocate. But in spite of all this, he lives a wonderful life playing and hanging out with his family and doggie friends. Just wanting to say thanks to ALL the wonderful rescuers who dedicate their time, money, love and energy helping pets like Wrangler and saving the lives of so many animals that would otherwise perish!