Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy German Shepherd Had Allergies But is Not Scratching and Biting Constantly at Her Tail

If your German Shepherd is scratching and chewing on her tail,  learn more about how how allergies  can be helped using an improved diet and natural supplements to stop the itching.  Helpful article about dogs scratching, chewing, itching and themselves constantly.

"Hi Susan,
 I am writing to let you know that Maya is 99% scratch free. She no longer bites at  her paws or tail, no longer scratches her face after our walks. Just overall she is fantastic.

In case I have not said it already, I think the world of you, and your passion and love  for dogs is evident every time I need your help. You have transformed my baby, from a dog who had diarrhea almost every week, scratched constantly and very nervous about everything to what she is today. Picture perfect healthy.

    Our sincerest thanks and appreciation,
       Olivia, Miti  and Maya
                July 2011

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