Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tired of Giving Cat Antibiotics

Q:  I am so tired of giving my cat antibiotics.  My cat takes one prescription of antibiotics after another for a chronic upper respiratory infection.  The antibiotics help my cat for awhile but then the infection just never seems to clear up all the way.   My cat sneezes, has runny eyes and often has goopy mucous (discharge) coming from her nose.  Are there any immune support supplements that can help?

A:  So sorry to hear that your cat has been on antibiotics for so long.  Yes, there are excellent immune support supplements such as Notatum and Argentyn that will really help your cat.  Antibiotics can be helpful but if your cat's immune system is constantly fighting an infection, your kitty just gets worn down.  Chances are your cat has an underlying virus that is making it hard for her to fight the upper respiratory infections.  For example, feline herpesvirus 1 can weaken your cat's immune system and make her prone to infections.  Be sure to discuss all the possible testing for your cat with your veterinarian.

Antibiotics treat a bacterial infection but to help your cat's overall immune system, diet and supplements are needed.  There are several supplements that will help your cat's immune system:

Silver Support---these easy to administer drops help fight bacterial and viral infections

Notatum --many cats respond extremely well to this homeopathic remedy and it greatly improves their immune function

Power Probiotic -- this easy to use supplement is a must for all cats, even tiny kittens.  It supports the immune system by replacing the good flora that are killed off by the antibiotics

Be sure you are feeding a completely hypoallergenic, grain-free diet.  Use brands of cat food such as Instinct canned  rabbit which is a novel protein.  Many cats are allergic to grains and also poultry which can weaken their immune system.