Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dog Dragging Butt on Carpet

Q:  My labrador retriever is constantly dragging his butt and scooting.   It's really gross and leaves nasty marks on the carpet.  I read that it could be parasites but I brought in a sample and he doesn't have them.  What is causing this scooting and dragging of his butt?  Elizabeth, Kentucky

A.  Dear Elizabeth:
So glad you asked as this is a common problem that is often not addressed properly.  Most likely, the scooting and dragging that your labrador is doing is because of full anal sacs.  It does not necessarily mean they are impacted or abscessed but rather it's a way to try to empty them.  What are anal sacs? They are scent glands that fill up with a smelly fluid that is intended to be emptied each time a dog has a bowel movement enabling your labrador to mark his territory.  Each dog has his own individual scent---but anyone who has smelled it, can find it to be a disgusting odor. Fortunately veterinary-approved products such as Power Probiotic can stop the scooting and dragging of the rear-end.

What we have found is that dogs that have anal sac problems can frequently have an allergy to food and also need digestive support.  Many times dogs that are scooting and dragging their butt also are itching, getting ear infections, and may have bouts of loose stool and gas.  Once you address the dietary issue and add the natural supplements, the problem usually goes away.

1.  The first step is add the Power Probiotic to your dog's regimen.  This will repopulate good flora in your dog's intestines, boosting immune function and reducing odors overall.   Power Probiotic is a veterinary-approved probiotic that is 3rd party tested for potency and is easy to give both cats and dogs--just open the capsule and sprinkle on food.  Even if you have tried other probiotics, this one will greatly help to improve the dragging and scooting and digestive problems.

       Power Probiotic

2.   Use a grain-free food.  Dogs that have anal sac issues are often eating dry kibble that contains grains such as wheat, oats, barley, etc.  Many dogs are allergic to these gluten ingredients.  Try Instinct or Ziwi Peak which are premium grain-free brands.  Try to use canned or raw.  

3.  Use allergy products such as AllerEaze which helps to reduce itching and allergic response.  K9 Yeast Defense would also help as many times dogs are licking and chewing on their butt and groin due to allergies.  Many dogs that have ear infections and are licking at their genitals have an overgrowth of yeast.  The K9 Yeast Defense can give your dog relief in a few days. 

Changing your labrador's diet and adding the supplements should help your labrador stop scooting and dragging quickly.