Monday, May 23, 2011

Sophie the Therapy Dog Helps Bring Cheer!

Sophie the therapy dog has brought so much cheer to the people she helps take care of. Jack was sent home on Hospice and had very little time. Sophie spent a great deal of time with him while he was sick and the last few hours with him. He loved her as she did him. The only couch that Sophie has ever been allowed to jump on was his as he wasn't able to reach down. Besides his immediate family, Sophie was the only one allowed in the room. His family was thrilled because no one could make him smile like her. He said that Sophie made him forget about what was wrong.

The last picture ever taken of Jack was this one with Sophie. I just wanted you to know what Sophie does with a great part of her life. If Sophie continued to have Urinary Tract Infections so early on, I am not sure if she would have become a therapy dog. Thanks again for being such a big part in helping Sophie to overcome her Urinary Tract Infections and allowing that to happen!

Sandy and Sophie, Los Angeles, CA May 2011

For more about Sophie's story and how she overcame chronic UTIs, please see the attached link (scroll down a bit for Sophie's testimonial):