Monday, June 20, 2011

Immune Harmony: Supplement to help your cat or dog LIVING with cancer

"Happy New Year! Thank you for keeping our Labrador Stanley well. He just celebrated his 9th Birthday! After his cancer diagnosis in early September, we all wondered if he would be here for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then his birthday. He has not seen his general vet or specialist since his diagnosis. We attribute his wellness to your products! YOU have BLESSED us immensely! Each time we receive an order from you, somehow Stanley knows "his ladies from California have sent him a package." Our heartfelt gratitude to all of you!"

-Jodi Scanlan Pennsylvania January 2011

Pets with cancer require a special diet. You can learn how to prepare a homemade cancer diet for your pet. Click here for more information.

Immune Harmony

Immune Harmony 60 capsules

This is a fabulous product---very unique and well tolerated by most pets. This product is helpful for all immune conditions and can be used to treat cat and dog cancer in conjunction with chemotherapy and/or prednisone. Rather than overstimulating your pet's immune system, this wonderful product helps the body to rebalance immune function. Thus, you will see improved results over time not instantly as if you were using an antibiotic. It slowly builds in your pet's system and helps them feel better overall. We have many highly allergic pets that were scratching and itching horribly last summer, that now with continued use, are seeing their pets having a much easier time this summer. Immune Harmony does not treat symptoms immediately but over time as the pet's immune function improves, most clients report solid long-term improvement . If your pet has chronic allergy symptoms, a serious immune condition such as cancer or an autoimmune related disorder, research shows that Immune Harmony should be utilized. This is a unique one-of-a-kind product that has been scientifically tested in various world-wide studies. Immune Harmony is the only supplement that offers 300 mg of plant sterols plus powerful antioxidants (Enzogenol®) that protect the body from free radical damage, and an essential fatty acid complex (BiolysateTM) that supports the digestive system and assists in the bioavailability of these health-promoting nutrients.

Dogs and Cats with Cancer—Dogs and cats with cancer have compromised immune systems. If your pet is undergoing chemotherapy, this can also weaken your pet’s immune response. Many oncologists may prefer for you not to use immune stimulants while your pet is undergoing chemotherapy. What makes Immune Harmony so great is that it is an immune modulator, not an immune stimulant. Safe to use for pets with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy or not. The product works over time to help build the body’s immune response.

How do the ingredients in Immune Harmony help to rebalance and support the immune system? Hundreds of studies performed in the United States and worldwide have found the sterols contained in Immune Harmony to be effective in preventing disease and maintaining health. It is also very safe, since no known toxicity has been found. The research has found beta sitosterol to have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and immunomodulatory properties. Immunomodulatory means to regulate or balance the immune system. If someone has a weak immune system (e.g. cancer), beta sitosterol can activate the T-cells (immune cells that go to the thymus to be activated) and natural killers cells; these cells fight foreign organisms that invade the body and also fight cancerous cells. On the other hand, if the immune system is over active, as is the case with allergies or autoimmune disorders, beta sitosterol can calm down the immune system.

In the area of cancer, scientific studies indicate that beta sitosterol has a powerful inhibitory effect on breast, prostate, and colon cancer. Recent studies provide evidence that increased consumption of polyphenols can reduce the risk of prostate, breast, lung and digestive cancers. In addition to the plant sterols, Immune Harmony includes some beneficial ingredients that enhance the effectiveness of the product, making it especially unique. To learn about the ingredients in Immune Harmony or for more information on the product and how to better treat cancer in your cat or dog please visit our website. Click here for more information.