Sunday, April 17, 2011

Close Encounter with A Rattlesnake

Spring is here! Today, we were taking a beautiful walk on a well traveled path that leads to the beach. We had our two dogs Legend and Bleu with us who were pulling of course (they are huskies). This was a good lesson for anyone considering letting your dogs running loose in open areas---you just never know what you might run into. This was actually not even a wilderness area but the path is paved so that you are walking through lots of bushes, shrubs and original California landscape.

Right before us was a huge rattlesnake who was coiled. The dogs were 3 feet away and thankfully my husband saw it first. We slowly pulled the dogs back and retreated. The rattlesnake slithered off.....Please be careful on your hikes and keep a close eye on your pets. This was the last place we would have ever expected to see a snake.