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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Artsy Recovers From Urinary Crystals

So nice to share this happy tail about Artsy! Sara got Artsy and her brother, EdanSe, as 8 week old kittens. Artsy started having problems urinating. Artsy has been using Renelix for over 3 years now and her mom sent us an update:

“We got Artsy as a kitten. Artsy ended up having a lot of trouble with the litterbox. At first we thought she didn’t like certain litters. But over time it ended up where she was screaming in pain when she went to pee and we saw blood. Numerous vet visits and tests confirmed crystals in her urine. The recommended solution was a prescription diet and to get used to her having troubles. We tried this for a while but couldn’t seem to get used to the idea that Artsy was going to always have this issue. There had to be a way that aligned with our beliefs.

We spoke to our naturopath and his recommendation was Renelix along with a few other supplements. Within a week Artsy was doing great! She has never had those issues again and loves her herbs. She runs when we call her and we syringe them into her. We get her urine and bloodwork taken once a year to ensure all is good and the problem is literally gone!

Our holistic vet loves Artsy’s story & has recommended Renelix for other kitties going through similar problems.” - Sara, Connecticut

Monday, November 13, 2023

Is Your Kitty Straining?


🐾 Paying attention to your cat’s bathroom patterns, and taking a closer look inside the litter box, can actually tell you a lot about your cat’s health.
🐾 Have you noticed your kitty straining to urinate? Is your cat urinating more than usual? How about having accidents outside the litter box? Maybe you’ve noticed blood in their urine?
🐾 These are all signs that your cat could have a Urinary Tracy Infection (UTI), one of the most common health issues seen in pets.
🐾 Once a pet has their first UTI, repeat infections are common, so it is important to help keep your pet’s pH levels balanced.
🐾 If you think your kitty has a UTI, check out our Akutur UTI Support Drops! These drops promote a healthy urinary tract/bladder, can reduce inflammation, can help relieve straining, and can flush out bacteria/toxins. Find out more click here.