Monday, November 13, 2023

Is Your Kitty Straining?


🐾 Paying attention to your cat’s bathroom patterns, and taking a closer look inside the litter box, can actually tell you a lot about your cat’s health.
🐾 Have you noticed your kitty straining to urinate? Is your cat urinating more than usual? How about having accidents outside the litter box? Maybe you’ve noticed blood in their urine?
🐾 These are all signs that your cat could have a Urinary Tracy Infection (UTI), one of the most common health issues seen in pets.
🐾 Once a pet has their first UTI, repeat infections are common, so it is important to help keep your pet’s pH levels balanced.
🐾 If you think your kitty has a UTI, check out our Akutur UTI Support Drops! These drops promote a healthy urinary tract/bladder, can reduce inflammation, can help relieve straining, and can flush out bacteria/toxins. Find out more click here.