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Friday, September 22, 2023

Is Your Pet In Pain?

As our pets age, many can experience pain moving around, going up and down stairs and their mobility becomes limited. Using some form of pain medication is often necessary. However, you can use alternative holistic treatments to reduce the amount of medication required as pain medications can have long-term health consequences. Acupuncture, chiropractic, cold laser, physical therapy and acuscope are natural therapies that can really help. While these treatments are often available through holistic vets, there are licensed veterinary practitioners Gina Gould who offer them too. How to find a practitioner to keep your pet moving? Go to, ask at horse stables, search online or on social media groups. It may take a few sessions but the results can be life-changing.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Watch For Unusual Behaviors In Your Pet

Have you noticed any unusual behavior in your pet? Pets instinctively hide their pain. We all know that when a pet is limping or throwing up, that there is something wrong. But many times, pets display more subtle, unusual behaviors making it hard for pet owners to know they are sick. One unusual behavior is called a “plantigrade stance” in cats. This is when a cat walks flat-footed on their rear paws. Normally a cat's hocks are vertical. The most common (not exclusive) causes are diabetic neuropathy or a tendon injury. Both are serious conditions that need veterinary treatment. Other unusual behaviors pets may display are pacing, panting, sitting in a prayer position (downward dog) or hiding to name a few. When we are busy, especially during the holidays, these subtle signs are so easy to miss. Try to be a pet detective, watching out for unusual pet behaviors. No matter how busy, contact your veterinarian just to be sure your pet is ok.

Friday, December 2, 2022

How To Natural Treat Your Pet's Pain

Did you know that pets instinctively hide their pain? This makes it hard for pet owners to know that their pet is not feeling well or uncomfortable. Sometimes a pet may appear outwardly to be excited (e.g pacing, panting) when in fact they are communicating that they are in pain. Watch for any unusual behavior like holding up a paw, reluctance to get up, hiding, uncharacteristic aggression, lethargy, licking an area, or lack of interest in playing. While humans vocalize their discomfort, in pets the signs are much more subtle. In fact, pet owners may often perceive the pet as being disobedient. One example: our Legend will often not sit on command. What we discovered is that if it was soft grass or carpet, he would immediately comply but not on a hard floor or cement as it would hurt his hips due to hip dysplasia. It’s important to watch for and recognize these subtle signs of pain and bring your pet to a veterinarian quickly for a diagnosis. Happy Paws organic hemp extract is a natural pain reliever that cats and dogs can take daily to ease their discomfort. The drops are convenient to use and can also promote relaxation to ease your pet’s discomfort.

Monday, October 3, 2022

Pain Relief For Your Pet Using Hemp Extract

When pets are in pain it can be hard to administer supplements. Happy Paws Hemp Extract Drops are a stress-free way to give your pet pain relief. Our professional veterinary strength organic hemp extract is easy to use and administer. This unflavored non-psychoactive tincture is an effective way to help reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Happy Paws Drops are unrivaled in quality and can benefit your pet in so many ways.

What makes Happy Paws Drops so special? The hemp is grown in Colorado on farms utilizing stringent eco-farming practices. The proprietary CO2 extraction process uses a gentle, clean, scientifically designed process. Happy Paws is made with NON-GMO, all organic ingredients. It contains approximately 18.3 mg CBD oil per 1 mL. Happy Paws undergoes independent laboratory testing for purity so that you can feel confident that you are giving your cat or dog the best CBD oil for pets.