Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Watch For Unusual Behaviors In Your Pet

Have you noticed any unusual behavior in your pet? Pets instinctively hide their pain. We all know that when a pet is limping or throwing up, that there is something wrong. But many times, pets display more subtle, unusual behaviors making it hard for pet owners to know they are sick. One unusual behavior is called a “plantigrade stance” in cats. This is when a cat walks flat-footed on their rear paws. Normally a cat's hocks are vertical. The most common (not exclusive) causes are diabetic neuropathy or a tendon injury. Both are serious conditions that need veterinary treatment. Other unusual behaviors pets may display are pacing, panting, sitting in a prayer position (downward dog) or hiding to name a few. When we are busy, especially during the holidays, these subtle signs are so easy to miss. Try to be a pet detective, watching out for unusual pet behaviors. No matter how busy, contact your veterinarian just to be sure your pet is ok.