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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Toby's Pillow Paw Success Story

We would like to thank Noah from Ohio for sharing Toby’s success story:

“Our Toby is a six-year-old cat who, last year, started bleeding from his paws and was diagnosed with Pillow Paw. We were nervous to start this product as it is a little pricey with a no refund policy but we owed it to Toby to at least give it a try. We started Toby on the Power Probiotic a little over 3 months ago with many speculations as he is such a sensitive, one-of-a-kind cat. We read the reviews and thought they were too good to be true.
Within 4 weeks, Toby’s paws had completely healed and the swelling was gone and it has stayed that way. There were also quite a few unexpected benefits. Toby has always bathed nervously to the point where he had furless patches and he has always been a small cat who weighs next to nothing. After starting him on the Power Probiotic, he has grown all his hair back, bathes more like a normal cat, instead of nervously, and has even gained a few pounds. He has also been an avid puker, we’re talking daily, and that has stopped almost completely as well.
We started him off with 1/4 capsule twice a day for a couple weeks, then 1/3 twice daily for a couple weeks and now we’re up to the full 1/2 capsule twice daily. I apologize for the lengthy article but the positive effects this has had on our sweet baby’s life simply could not be described in a couple sentences. If you’re like us and think this product is too good to be true, please give it a try. I promise it’s worth it. We would rate this 10 stars if we could. Thank you Ask Ariel for giving our sweet Toby a better life.”
Sunday, May 6, 2018

Long Lost Cat Frederick Recovers from Pillow Paw

"I just had to write and tell you what your Power Probiotic did for my cat, Frederick. Frederick came into our lives as a stray back in 2011 and I just knew he was someone’s baby because he was so sweet. I tried to find the owner with no success. I fell in love with him and so took a trip to the vet and allowed him into our home.

 At some point, Frederick developed an autoimmune issue which was eventually diagnosed as “pillow paw” by the vet. His front paws would swell and bleed and looked so painful. Frederick went out on what I thought was just a curious stroll and did not return home...This was in 2014!

Now comes the wonderful ending to this story, just last November 2017 Frederick returned home! I could not believe my eyes and honestly wasn’t sure it was him when I saw him sitting on the porch as I arrived home. He came up to me so happily and I noticed that his paws were bleeding and I knew immediately it was Frederick...

After a trip to the vet for a checkup he was prescribed a round of antibiotic, ear mite medication and a wormer. I wasn’t at all sure that the antibiotic would work on his pillow paw and I just hated it for him. While researching pillow paw online I came across your website. I began to read about the Power Probiotic you offer and read that someone else had posted about their cats pillow paw. I ordered a bottle and Frederick’s paws finally healed after so many years of him suffering with pillow paw. I am most certain that the Power Probiotic is what cleared up the pillow paw and continues to help him out with his digestion and immune system today as I still put some in his food daily. His little paws are perfectly healthy and pain free, and this makes me so happy!

I just wanted to let you know that you are a blessing and I am so thankful I came across your website that day. I have attached a picture of Frederick taken just last week."  Dawn Presley-Smith

To learn more about how to help your cat with Pillow Paw, please click on the attached article.