Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Toby's Pillow Paw Success Story

We would like to thank Noah from Ohio for sharing Toby’s success story:

“Our Toby is a six-year-old cat who, last year, started bleeding from his paws and was diagnosed with Pillow Paw. We were nervous to start this product as it is a little pricey with a no refund policy but we owed it to Toby to at least give it a try. We started Toby on the Power Probiotic a little over 3 months ago with many speculations as he is such a sensitive, one-of-a-kind cat. We read the reviews and thought they were too good to be true.
Within 4 weeks, Toby’s paws had completely healed and the swelling was gone and it has stayed that way. There were also quite a few unexpected benefits. Toby has always bathed nervously to the point where he had furless patches and he has always been a small cat who weighs next to nothing. After starting him on the Power Probiotic, he has grown all his hair back, bathes more like a normal cat, instead of nervously, and has even gained a few pounds. He has also been an avid puker, we’re talking daily, and that has stopped almost completely as well.
We started him off with 1/4 capsule twice a day for a couple weeks, then 1/3 twice daily for a couple weeks and now we’re up to the full 1/2 capsule twice daily. I apologize for the lengthy article but the positive effects this has had on our sweet baby’s life simply could not be described in a couple sentences. If you’re like us and think this product is too good to be true, please give it a try. I promise it’s worth it. We would rate this 10 stars if we could. Thank you Ask Ariel for giving our sweet Toby a better life.”