Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Who Says The Holiday Fun Is Just For People?


Let’s include our pets so they feel the love and happy vibes too!
With our new rescue dog Roo, I keep telling him everyday that he is finally “home” and this is the first of many holidays together. Poor Roo had a ruff start and last year at this time he was in a foster home scared and unsure of where he was, but relieved that he was no longer being abused. It will take time for him to fully understand that this is furever 💜 but we are trying to build his confidence everyday!
We are going to get him another soft doggie bed, more chewys and some special meals. How about you? What's on your pet's wishlist this season? Share your favorite pet gift finds! Let's spread the joy and make this holiday extra special for our beloved pets! 🎄🕎💕