Wednesday, November 29, 2023

No More Coughing For Jerry


With thanks to Kande from MD for sharing Jerry’s story:

“Our 13 yo Shih tzu came back from the groomer about 9 months ago coughing uncontrollably and we found out he had a Collapsed Trachea confirmed by his vet that evening. The coughing, honking, etc., was unbearable but our love for him and his quality of life had us searching for better options. The vet said it was incurable but something that could be managed with steroids and pain meds. He still coughed around the clock. I found Ask Ariel and started with the Ultra-Flex Collagen supplement and he coughed significantly less. Also gave him benadryl tabs occasionally. The next time I ordered Collagen, I added the LypoZyme. After 3 weeks of both he is not coughing at all. It's a miracle and everyday my husband and I are thankful that we found Ask Ariel. No more steroids or pain meds either! He is running up and down the stairs now without coughing and we just watch him in awe. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, a million times over (Jerry thanks you too)!
And, Thank you also to the incredibly knowledgeable staff, professionalism, and care you put into every product at Ask Ariel : )))”