Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Summertime Ear Infections In Dogs

During the summertime, dogs are more prone to ear infections due to various environmental factors and increased outdoor activities. The warm weather creates a conducive environment for the growth of bacteria and yeast in a dog's ear canal. Dogs that enjoy swimming, especially those with floppy ears, may trap moisture within the ear, providing an ideal breeding ground for infections. Additionally, allergens like pollen and grass can trigger allergic reactions, leading to inflammation and increased susceptibility to infections. Increased outdoor exploration during summer may expose dogs to foreign bodies, such as grass seeds or debris, which can also contribute to ear issues. Regular ear cleaning, keeping ears dry after water activities, and monitoring for signs of discomfort are essential preventative measures to ensure our furry companions stay healthy and happy during the summer months.

Repetitive swimming combined with humidity is the perfect environment for yeast to grow, especially if water collects in your dog's ears. Symptoms of yeast overgrowth include red, swollen skin, constant itching and licking, a cheesy odor, and ear shaking or scratching. K9 Yeast Defense is an all-natural antifungal supplement scientifically proven to fight yeast. Combine with Power Probiotic and Olive Leaf Extract to control yeast overgrowth and skin problems.