Sunday, June 12, 2022

How To Keep Your Dog Hydrated Over The Summer

Some parts of the country are experiencing record heat. Did you know that dogs can get dehydrated and heat stroke which can jeapordize their health? During the summer months, it's very important to keep your dog hydrated.  Dogs use panting along with their paw pads and noses to regulate their temperature. The summer heat can make a dog extra thirsty. Too much sun without enough water can cause dehydration and can become dangerous for your pup very quickly. 

Make sure that you leave multiple water bowls outside for your dog. There are so many sad stories of dogs literally dying  on an extremely hot day because their water bowl was accidently knocked over.  Select a water bowl that cannot be easily overturned.  Keep water bowls in the shade to encourage your dog to cool off. 

Other ways to keep your dog cool and hydrated include:
  • Add ice cubes to water bowls
  • Freeze a Kong toy overnight
  • Add water to food especially dry kibble 
  • Set up a fan for your dog
  • Allow access inside the house or garage