Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Air Force Technical Sergeant Is Very Dedicated To His Special Boxer Dawkins

TSgt Sofia and Dawkins

We are thankful to US Air Force Technical Sergeant Anthony Sofia for his service to our country.  He has been in the Air Force for almost 15 years as a contingency skills instructor.  His title is Section Chief, Expeditionary Operations and he helps Airmen prepare for their deployments by giving them tactical fundamentals.   We are honored that TSgt Sofia is also a long-time client of and uses our holistic supplements to help his beloved 11 year old boxer Dawkins feel his best.  

"I returned from Iraq in 2008 and got Dawkins shortly after. Since then he has been my best friend! He had some battles with Cancer and Pancreatitis but he is a fighter and still hanging in! 

Dawkins had a form of skin cancer, but then had about 9 mast cell tumors removed. He just turned 11 the day after Thanksgiving. He is doing well now and loves his treats, his soft squeaky toys and laying on the couch with me to watch football or TV where he gets as much love as he can handle.”
TSgt Anthony Sofia USAF, New Jersey

Dawkins' History
Dawkins underwent surgery to remove a cancerous toe and other mast cells at the age of 8.  With a few dietary suggestions and the use of Immune Harmony, Amazing Omegas, and Power Probiotics he bounced back from the surgery and has been doing great. To help with digestion and the pancreatitis,  Dawkins uses Soothing Digestive Relief Formula, Lypozyme and Power Probiotic. He is also using Resveratrol for Dogs for cancer protection.