Wednesday, December 26, 2018

4 Pet Etiquette Tips To Remember Over The Holidays

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The holidays are a time when many of us will open up our homes to family and friends. Blending pets with guests can require some finesse.  Here are some tips for a happy, holiday visit.

1.)   Get your dog bathed or groomed.  It will make them feel extra special and eliminate any "doggy" odors.

2.)   Be sure to potty your dog before guests arrive.  Pets can get overly excited and/or nervous when new people arrive and have unwanted accidents.  Also, be sure to clean the kitty litter boxes.  This will keep your cats happy and minimize stress for them.

3.)  If your pet has a tendency to bark or jump on guests, then it might be helpful to separate them into another room before your guests arrive and then introduce them slowly (when they are calmed down) into the situation. It may also be helpful to get them very tired beforehand...a long walk can often do the trick.
Dog in Purse
4.)  Be sure to keep your guest's belongings in a separate area safe from pesky paws. Pets can be very inquisitive and get into things they shouldn't. Your guest's bags may contain dangerous items ( medications, gum, candy, etc.) in their belongings and it is important to keep them far out of reach as they maybe toxic for your pet.