Wednesday, March 14, 2018

See Something? Say Something -- An Animal's Life Is Depending Upon You!


By now, you may be familiar with the tragic story that occurred on a United Airlines flight where the owners of Kokito the puppy were forced to put the puppy in an overhead bin by a flight attendant.  The mother had a baby to attend to and in spite of their protests, were told that is where the puppy had to go.  Kokito's suffocation is only one story.  There are many, many stories of animal suffering.  It's easy to speculate about what "we might have done" had we been on that flight.  Even though there was rough turbulence, would we as  a fellow passenger have demanded the flight attendant check on the pet? 

Many of us are afraid of the repurcussions of causing a scene on an airplane just as we are afraid of causing a problem with a grumpy neighbor who leaves their dog outside in the bitter cold.  Animals depend on us to be their voice.  When you think you see something, even if it just your gut, SAY SOMETHING!    It is upon all of us to listen and speak up even when it is not "socially correct,"   Rest in piece Kokito.  We are so sorry for your loss and your family's grief.   Maybe your tragic death will help more animals because there are so many that are tied up, chained up and left outside with little provisions and help is just a phone call away......