Friday, March 9, 2018

Poor Compliance With Medication Is One Reason Pets Don't Get Better

Do you see the pill? Well.....neither did I!  One reason pets may not show improvement from a health condition is that the pet owner may forget to give a pill or the pet doesn’t take the pill.  In our case, Legend must take his Keppra antiseizure medicine exactly 8 hours apart 3x a day. We literally revolve our lifestyle and appointments as best we can around those pill times after the horrific cluster seizure episodes he went through. Well his last dose is 11 pm and I always check to make sure he ate the pill. The dim light and being half asleep made for a perfect storm! It shows that even when we schedule everything perfectly (phone alarms, wall notes, pill containers) things don’t always come out the way we planned...... We got lucky and since we have been sure to adminster the pill almost always, this was a rare exception.  But, when you have a busy's not always easy.

Poor compliance with medication is one reason a pet may not show signs of improvement.  This could be anything from treating heart conditions to skin problems to seizures.  Here are a few tips to help ensure your pet gets the needed medication and/or supplements.

  • Keep a schedule posted in at least one or two central locations such as the refrigerator or a place you are likely to see it
  • Set up alarms on your phone BEFORE the scheduled pill time and AFTER just in case you got distracted
  • Use a pill container with the allocated number of daily pills