Monday, September 25, 2017

World's Oldest Cat Nutmeg Passes Away at 32

This past week in England the world's oldest cat, Nutmeg, passed away at the age of 32 from heart failure. Usually domesticated cats only live to an average of 15 years, so this was truly amazing. Nutmeg was a remarkable cat, but so were his adopted parents, who found him in their garden 27 years ago and took incredible care of him. According to Liz and Ian Finlay, his heartbroken owners, Nutmeg took full advantage of all of his nine lives!

Signs to Watch for in Senior Cats
The advances in veterinary care, nutrition and the increase knowledge of supplementing with holistic care are all helping our pets live longer.  Here are red flags to watch for in senior cats.  Early detection and action can help your senior cat enjoy their golden years.
Weight loss or changes in appetite-seek medical attention to determine cause, kidney disease is a common disorder in older kitties that can cause weight loss
Dental Disease (stomatitis)- can cause appetite issues
Change in mobility- joint pain
Litter box issues-urinary tract infections and kidney issues are more common in older cats
Behavior changes- cats may withdraw if not feeling well
Changes in grooming habits-cat are groomers and if they are unkept could be a sign your kitty isn't feeling well.