Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fun, Easy Games To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Has your kitty put on a few pounds?  Here are some fun easy "hunger" games to help your cat lose weight!

Before cats were domesticated, cats would have to hunt for their food several times a day to survive.  Many domesticated cats now lead a sedentary lifestyle, leisurely strolling to the food bowl with minimal exercise throughout the day. Obviously, this along with some pet owners  free feeding their cats, can lead to a kitty becoming overweight.  Obesity in cats is not just a cosmetic problem---it is life threatening.  Diseases such as diabetes, fatty liver and some forms of  cancer are often directly linked to overfeeding and obesity. 

To help combat the weight gain and improve your cat's overall health, you can appeal to their natural hunting instincts by creating some fun, easy games to feed them: 

Here are a few tips to try:
  • Hide food under boxes or bags
  • Place a non-breakable bowl in a high place (bookshelf, cupboard, etc.) so that your kitty has to climb to reach the food
  • Scatter the food in small portions in various places around the house
  • Use a puzzle toy designed for feeding treats to your cat.
  • Attach food to string or fishing line and have them try to catch it
  • Be sure to remove your cat's regular food bowl as hunger is a great motivator 
  • Keep dry food to a minimum as the diets are high in starchy carbohydrates which lead to increased hunger and weight gain.  Raw frozen diets are preferable or use freeze-dried raw.