Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Blind Kitty With UTIs and Kidney Problems Feels Better!


Meet Zinky! Zinky is a blind 10 year old kitty who was rescued from a shelter when she was kitten.  She developed an infection at 6 months which caused her to go blind.  Her Mom Carole takes amazing care of her and says that Zinky is so sweet and follows her everywhere.  Zinky was having some health issues but her Mom just reported the following:

"Zinky was having UTIs and Kidney problems until I found Ask Ariel and give her Power Probiotic, Renelix, and Oxicell. Now she is doing great!!  Carole-Connecticut, 2017

We are so happy our products could help Zinky feel better and grateful for the wonderful pet parents such as Carole who rescue pets from the shelters.