Wednesday, March 8, 2017

5 Pet Safety Tips As Winter Ends

Spring is almost here and we have all enjoyed some unseasonably warm, beautiful weather.  But the cold weather and potential for a few last storms is still projected.  Keeping your pet safe and warm will help avoid accidents.  Here are a few safety tips:

• Carefully assess ice conditions for thin ice when walking your dog near waterways. Even at offleash parks there are often ponds with opportunities for a dog to fall in.  Thin ice can be hard to detect so if you do let your dog run offleash, especially in wilderness areas, be vigilant to monitor your pet at all times.  Sadly, every year dogs die because of falling through thin ice and often there just isn't the time or resources readily available to save them.

• If the weather starts to warm up and you are enjoying a little fresh air with the windows open, be sure to put screens on if you have cats.  Your cat may see the open window as a wonderful new opportunity and could fall or jump out.

• If there is another snowstorm, watch out for ice melts which can be toxic to dogs.  Dogs can lick their paws after a wintry walk and expose themselves to chemicals.  Be sure to clean your dog's paws with a moist towel after a walk.

• Bathe your pet as little as possible if there is another cold spell. Overbathing can dry up the essential oils on your pet's coat.

• Keep your dog on a leash if there is heavy snowfall.