Friday, January 6, 2017

Know Of A Neglected Pet? Here is How You Can Help!

Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful, kind words about Whitey. Whitey taught our community a very important message: LOVE THY NEIGHBOR! We all have a neighbor or friend with a nonstop barking dog, a neglected pet or just one that we don't think is being taken care of the way it should be. Unless the pet is severely abused, Animal Control is not going to be able to do anything! Of course if the animal is severely neglected, you can try calling them first, but most of the time, that just isn't going to help.  That means the ONLY way to help the pet is to reach out to the owner. It's easy to condemn the owner or look the other way. Some may try to steal the pet or rally other neighbors to hate the neighbor. That rarely ends up helping the pet....If you really want to help the pet, it is up to you and your community to reach out to the owner to try to help. How? Love thy neighbor---even if that person is abhorrent to you. Find a way to connect with the owner in a positive way. Clearly, they don't understand or haven't been "awakened" to the wonderful relationship that can come from loving a pet. You might want to consider (either by yourself or in conjunction with another neighbor) leaving the owner a friendly note offering to walk the pet, help with the care of the pet or ask if you can visit the pet. If it is a scary person, then of course, use common sense for your personal safety. But, a lot of times, the pet owner is just uninformed about animals or the pet just isn't a priority. Kindness and compassion for the owner, no matter how hard, might help the pet and can go a long way.

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