Saturday, December 31, 2016

In Memory Of Beloved Prince Whitey

Prince Whitey

We rescued Whitey as an elderly dog who had been severely neglected for most of his life.  He was a "tough" dog who was not initially affectionate as he had never experienced life as a family member.  We only had Whitey in his elderly years when he was sick but we hope and pray that the 1 year and 10 months we gave him helped erase all of the sadness he experienced before.  Prince Whitey died today after suffering from dementia, liver disease and severe arthritis.  We kept him going even after the first stroke but a second stroke took him.  Rest in peace beloved.  We will cherish you always!

Prayer For Prince Whitey
In sorrow and love
We remember
Our beloved Prince Whitey
Who provided companionship
And endless joy.
You were more than a pet to us,
Becoming a member of our family,
Providing consolation in times of loss, 
Setting An Example To Keep On Fighting
Even When Life Gets Tough 
An Inspiration To Us For Your CourageA True Warrier To the End
Giving us laughter and delight
And a sense of well-being,
Rich with memories,
Rich in love.
The pain is deep.
The empty space,
Too wide to comprehend.
Forgive us Whitey for our decision to remove you from
The suffering you endured.
We did it with deep sorrow
Placing kindness for you above
Our desire for more time together
G-d of the bereaved,
Grant us solace in the days ahead,
And peace of mind as time passes.
Let our memories of the time  together
With Whitey
Be an endless source of wonder
In tribute to his  memory.
Rest in peace.

If you have lost a beloved pet, we hope you can use this prayer and replace with your pet's name to give you peace.