Sunday, September 20, 2015

Help For Chronic Sinus Infections In Cats

Q:  I have an 4 year old female cat with chronic sinusitis.  I got her at about 3 months old and she had a terrible sinus infection at the time. It is just an ongoing problem.  I have  put her through a number of rounds of antibiotics out of desperation to help her nose clear up when the drainage was thick and discolored and she seemed really uncomfortable.  We have also seen at least 4 different vets for her condition but no permanent relief.  Is there anything I can do to help her from a holistic standpoint?

A:  Two common conditions that cause nasal discharge are rhinitis and sinusitis. Rhinitis is the inflammation of the cat’s nose and sinusitis is the inflammation of the nasal passages.  If the nasal discharge is coming from both nasal passages it is usually viral or bacterial. When discharge is just in one nasal passage it may be fungal, nasal polyps, tooth root abscess. Cats may show transient improvement with the use of antibiotics, but using them may become less effective in reoccurring bouts. Environmental conditions and pathogens can cause a flare up of clinical signs too.  Sinus infections can also occur as a symptom of a weakened immune system due to an underlying viral condition.

Diet and supplements can help cats with chronic sinusitis.  Cats can have underlying allergies contributing to the sinus problem and also cats with a viral condition need a low inflammatory diet.  It's important to feed them a hypoallergenic diet avoiding proteins such as fish, poultry and grains which can be big allergens for cats.  The following supplements are veterinary recommended for helping cats with chronic sinusitis:

Power Probiotic--Cats that have been on antibiotics may develop a yeast overgrowth as the antibiotics kill off the good friendly bacteria as well as the bad.  Your cat needs the friendly bacteria to restore proper immune function which is why this multi-strain formula is so important.

NotaSAN and QuentaSAN These two powerful immune boosters help cats fight off infections.  The drops are easy to administer and are helpful for fighting bacterial and viral infections.  

Immune Support Kit Contains three easy to use, tasteless liquid formulas that strengthen immunity, fight infection, viruses and bacteria.   Helps clear up nasal and eye discharge, sneezing, fatigue.  Can be used with antibiotics.  The three formulas can be purchased separately or at a discounted package price.    

Please include your cat's diet on the AskAriel order form at checkout.  Their pet nutritionist will provide a diet suggestion on the packing slip that comes with your order.