Friday, October 4, 2013

Persian with Chronic UTI

Q:  We have a 4 year old male Persian who has his third UTI in 6 months. Please help! He is on Orbax for two days now, will barely eat (I am giving him dry with some water sprinkled on it – he will not touch the canned), goes to the litter box very often. Can you give me some advice on what I can to help him and stop the reoccurring bladder issues?

A:  Sorry your Persian kitty has had so many urinary tract infections (UTIs).  This can be a common problem.  As soon as the cat finishes a prescription of antibiotics, a few days later, the symptoms come back.   What to watch for---some signs your cat can have a urinary infection (bladder infection) include frequent urination, straining during urination, mucus or blood with urination, licking the genitals, "accidents" outside the litter box, crying or meowing. Sometimes the only symptom is that your pet just isn't acting like him or herself.

Nutritional supplements can greatly help reduce the frequency of urinary tract infections and many times, in combination with diet changes, can eliminate them completely. We have had great results using  a combination of Akutur, Notatum and Power Probiotic, which are all easy to administer to cats.  Cats especially need the Power Probiotic because the antibiotics kill off the friendly bacteria making it hard to fight off another infection.