Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Help for Chocolate Lab Suffering from Staph Infection

Q: My choc lab has a recurrent staph infection on his stomach. When it flares up badly, my vet prescribes steroids, but in general I treat each spot with a steroid spray. Is there anything that I can do to better control or eliminate this condition? He has been on raw for 2 years and takes  salmon oil daily.

A:  Since your dog has been on antibiotics, it is essential to use the Power Probiotic to replenish the friendly bacteria that support your dog's immune system.  Even if you are using raw food, if you are feeding certain proteins that your dog is allergic to, it can cause an allergic response resulting in a weakened immune system. Here are a few articles on pet allergies and pet nutrition.  Try using only raw and canned rabbit   Also, it is a good idea to use a much stronger fish oil to reduce allergic inflammation.  Salmon oil is ok, but for allergic pets, you need to use a much more therapeutic level omega oil.  Try Amazing Omegas, as the purity and bioavailability of the fish oil can make a significant difference.  To fight the infection Notatum and Quentans would also be helpful.