Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Boxer Has Mast Cell Tumor--Can Supplements Help?

Q:  My 5 year old boxer was just diagnosed with a mast cell tumor.  Our vet removed it but said he might get another one.  I know a lot of boxers get cancer but trying to see if there is anything I can do to help.  Can you recommend any herbs or homeopathic remedies for my boxer Brutus?

A:  So sorry that your boxer Brutus was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor.  It is very scary when these type of malignant dog tumors appear.  Feed your boxer a grain-free, low carbohydrate diet.  Ideally, using low allergen protein choices such as rabbit or fish would be best.  In addition, there are a few supplements that would really help.  First, be sure to give your boxer Oncopet  Oncopet is a veterinary-approved formula that we have used successfully with many dogs that have mast cell tumors.  In addition, use a powerful, therapeutic fish oil based from sardines and anchovies.  Use a quercetin-based formula such as AllerEaze  to quiet the histamine response.