Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bernese Mountain Dog With Mast Cell Tumor

Q: Dear Ariel,
My Bernese Mountain Dog Buddy was just diagnosed with a Mast Cell tumor.  He had surgery and is doing ok.  I read that once a dog has had one mast cell tumor, they are prone to get another one?  Is there anything holistic I can do to give Buddy that might help prevent another mast cell tumor?

A:  So sorry that Buddy developed a Mast Cell tumor.  They can be of a genetic nature.  Having said that, there is a lot you can do to keep Buddy on a good diet and supplements to help him.  Cancer thrives on sugar so it is important to keep your Bernese Mountain Dog on a grain-free, fresh diet.  Raw frozen diets combined with homemade baked fish can work well.  It's essential that Buddy use a premium, purified Omega 3 fish oil such as Amazing Omegas in his diet.  Our veterinary hospital uses Amazing Omegas because the fish oil is naturally processed and purified for heavy metals and toxins.  Avoid potential allergens in food and proteins that your dog might be allergic to.  The attached is a good summary of food allergies and foods to avoid.  Supplements such as quercetin, probiotics and antioxidant formulas will also help.